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Welcome to The IRC Wiki, a collection of information regarding the various software used on, related to and with IRC. It's our goal to put as many different kinds of IRC Software that we can into one place.

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  • For a list of the IRC networks where you will find a #irc-wiki channel, check out our server list.

Currently Active Networks:

Absoluty-IRC, AFChat, Ai8X-Gaming, AlphaChat, BabbleIRC, BitToxic, BlabberNet, Blackcobalt, Bluechat, BokaIRC, CabX-Dev, ChatAdventista, Chatnet, Chattah, ConflictIRC,, Cyanide-x, DarcHoods, DareNET, Darkhaven, Ddb, DivineIRC, ExileNET, FaceBookIRC, FlameIRC, FlyIRC,, Fun1schat, FunCoin, FyreChat, GiGaIRC, GigIRC, Global Gamers, GreekNet, HellasChat, Huskynet, ImmortalIRC, IndirectIRC, IndustrialIRC, Infiniteawesome, InsaneChat, IotaIRC, IRC4Fun, IRCBox, IRCMojo, IRCNode, IRCsource, IRCStorm, JoinIRC, Kaos Networks, Kyunet, LightningsNet, LinkNet, LinuxFire, Millbrochat, MIRCzone, MyIRC, NightmareIRC, Nite-Serv, NoNet, ObsidianIRC, OSIRC, Ospreynetworks, P2PChat, ParadoxIRC, PurpleSurge, RFCS, Rizon, SA-IRC, Sailirc, Sandbox, ScoutLink, Silver-IRC, SimplyIRC,, Snoonet, Starfleetirc, StatChat, SynIRC, Sysnode, TDFNet, TinyCrab, Tom4u, TrivialityZone, UKMadZone, UltimateIRC, UnGoWa, WikkedWire, WinterAceIRC, Xertion, YTALK, ZEnet, ZeroIRC, ZunkiesNetwork, Ø (nothing)

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